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Hi! I’m Ciara

I am a Personal Trainer, currently and RBT and working on my Boards to become a Certified Behavior Analyst. My focus is in health, sports, and fitness and I LOVE working with runners & those looking to start a wellness journey. I am all about strengthening your mind along with your body, even when it might feel chaotic and demotivating. 

 When I was in high school, I struggled with an eating disorder that placed
me in the hospital. I realized, it wasn’t the overtraining that brought me down or
the nutrition, but the constant mental chaos that I experienced. The feelings of
guilt, anger, and fear of gaining weight were unbearable and consistent. Being able to recognize this I learned it was my behavior and thought process, so I
found a way to train my mind while training my body and want to help others do
the same! 

When you can control your mind, you are able to accomplish every
that life throws at you!

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Have a Coach in Your Corner!

If you’re like me, you really need someone once a month to check-in with your progress and push your further. Maybe even unload your thoughts and help you realign your focus when you’re feeling low.

This is for you!

I created this subscription to keep in touch, help your with your progress, and give you feedback, without the stress of meeting on a weekly basis! You will receive routine tips every week in-between the sessions and access to Q&A everyday!

We create a whole game-plan for you and go from there, whether its weight loss, an endurance race, or a marathon, you will be taken care of!