Month: February 2022

The Psychology Behind Extreme Sports with Chloe Kalo

Extreme sports are also known as alternative athletics, and these sporting events carry a high level of risk associated with them. These activities involve increased speed, height, or physical strain on the participants. Sports psychology is the deep understanding of how psychological aspects of a … Read more

Tom: Mental Health Runner

In this episode, Ciara sits down to have an open, honest and raw conversation with Tom from the UK. The podcast dives into the topic of loss, grief, and overcoming the obstacles that come with mental illnesses. Tom is a mental health runner, author, international … Read more

Dying of Laughter: How Comedy Helps Grief with Chelsea Lloyd

Chelsea Lloyd is a comedian and grief activist who incorporates humor into grief for her clients to cope with their pain. Her podcast is called ‘Dying for Laughter’ She spent 2020-2021 producing comedic and grief content for notable entertainment organizations such as Buzzfeed. Chelsea navigated … Read more

What Does Traveling do for Your Mental Health with Sonia Cruz

What is a travel coach? Certified travel coaches work with travelers to discover their reasons for traveling and how to achieve personal goals through their trips. Following the establishment of these motivations, travel coaches work with clients to study destinations and activities that will help … Read more

THRIVING: The Myth Guided Mind || with Mike Hynes

This episode is all about the importance of connecting with others and building meaningful relationships. There is a discussion about labels in life and how Covid-19 changed everyday life and workspace dynamics. Mike also discusses his book The Myth Guided Mind, which is all about … Read more

What is Dialectical Behavioral Therapy? with Sadie Sutton

Saddie is an 18-year-old psychology student currently enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania. She is an aspiring clinical psychologist and in her freshman year of college. Her interests lie around therapy and understanding mindfulness to improve mental health.  Her first encounter with deteriorating mental health … Read more

Finding Your Purpose Can Save Your Life With Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan Fluckiger is a 65-year-old life and business coach from Edmonton, Alberta. His main goal is to focus on helping people understand their sense of self, achieve their entrepreneurial goals and offer life-changing advice. Kellen writes books and creates music to help those under this … Read more

Selfcare is better than Healthcare With Erin D’Elia

Erin is an intuitive lifestyle coach, meditation teacher, and chef. She provides encouragement and advice to clients on various personal and professional difficulties. Giving guidance, consulting, coaching, mentoring, and offering treatment is not the same as life coaching. Erin can be hired to assist you … Read more

Happier Healthier Human with Paul Levittan

Paul Levittan is a health and fitness coach who also specialises in personal training. He has his own podcast called the Healthy Happy Human which aims to assist his listeners in building better habits. These habits can help them regain control of their lives. Fitness, … Read more