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3 Things you May not be doing for sleep:

There are so many things you can read about that will help you fall asleep faster or easier at night. Most of them are supplements you can take or involve reducing the blue light that you are exposed to. 

  • Breathing techniques
    • A wise yoga teacher once told me, if you can slow down your breathing you can slow down your life.
    • Focusing on deep breathing, filling your breath with air helps your body regulate the oxygen and decreases heart rate reducing the feeling of anxiety. The calmer you feel with more air in you, the easier you can fall asleep!
  • Mindwork
    • Instead of letting your mind run around like a wild hyena. 
    • I have found that when I start to work on controlling my thoughts by reminding myself of a few “mantras” that I set myself, I can take my mind off of what might be bothering me and focus on something constructive.
    • My mantras go, you are beautiful, you are strong, you are dedicated. I then start to focus on the reinforcement behind those. Maybe I was nice to someone today, maybe I worked harder than I thought I would on a project. When you can control your mind you can control your sleep.
  • Stretching before to relieve muscles tension
    • I have noticed that when I can’t fall asleep, it is because I am tense. I have found stretching my hip-flexors, my hamstrings, a few down dogs and up dogs have been extremely helpful in reducing the tension and helping me sink right into my bed

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