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3 Ways To Adapt to Heat

You may have already heard of these three ways and just need a reminder, but adapting to the heat can be worse than adapting to the cold! When you’re cold you can layer up, if you’re hot you can’t really escape it. Just like us Floridians, until we leave we cannot escape the heat, so as a fellow Floridian here are some unusual tips to cool down while you run

  1. Smoothie Drinking: 
    • maybe not while you’re running, but if you can drink one before or after a run/workout it will cool you down fast. I can’t be drinking a nice iced smoothie on a hot hot day here in florida and be shivering because it cools me down internally fast. Even faster than water
  2. Exposure to the heat: 
    • sounds counterproductive, but exposing yourself to the heat (safely and in short amounts) will build tolerance. Just like tolerance to medication, drugs, or alcohol our body can and will build tolerance to the heat. Start with a sauna or a slow & short run on a really hot day.
  3. Lose fat and lean out: 
    • This shouldn’t offend anyone here’s why. I was 145 pounds for a long time with a body fat 23%, when I started training harder and building more muscle I was 154 but body fat was 20%. When I realized I took temperatures differently was first when I was in the cold in NM. I was shivering constantly at the lower body fat and could never remember being so cold. Then coming back to Florida, I realized even on hotter days, it felt mild. Maybe this is why we have to get our “summer body” going! To cool down, not look good. It was a small % in change but made a huge difference in my environment. So don’t focus on weight loss, but the less fat your body has to insulate you, the cooler you will feel during the summer months of training!

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