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4 Things that May Happen When You Lose Weight

Losing weight is difficult on its own, but when things start to happen that we weren’t aware of going into, it can be aversive and deter us due to the fear of change. So let’s talk about a few things that happen when you start to lose weight that are NORMAL and should not be a worry to you so you can keep steady on your goals

  1. Trouble Sleeping
    1. Since you are losing weight you are most likely eating less than energy output. When you are eating less it affects your sleep in that your hormonal balance changes and is not luring you to sleep but activating your body to go looking for food
      1. A way to get around this is eat some carbohydrates along with protein (I like Kind bars in this case) to help the hormonal balance
  1. Colder than Usual
    1. Two things happen, your metabolism is going to decrease because you are reducing the amount of calories you intake (don’t be afraid to lower it to lose weight we will go over this in another podcast). When you reduce your metabolic rate it essentially chooses what it wants to spend energy on and less energy is always used to warm you up. 
    2. Also fat acts as an insulator. Think about bears hibernating for winter, they fatten themselves up to stay warm, when you have less fat its like taking insulation out of your house. It’ll be colder!
  2. Taste buds Change
    1. This is proven by a study of those that lost weight by bariatric surgery 87% said their taste buds changed or dulled. This can be due to the hormonal changes in taste buds. Don’t be afraid! You’ll just find different food appealing 
  3. You could develop sagging skin
    1. Don’t ever be ashamed of this. A main culprit of this is slow, steady weight loss (1-2) pounds per week to give the skin time to shrink with you, because it does not shrink as fast. Building muscle with weight loss is another great way to help avoid sagging skin. 

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