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Athletic Psychotherapy with Chloe Kalo

Chloe Koutsos is a general and athletic psychotherapist who helps her patients deal with depression, anxiety, stress and achieve their life goals. She offers life coaching services and specializes in trauma. Any patients that are victims of PTSD are taught how to engage with their feelings and appropriately deal with them. 

Chloe is also a licensed clinical social worker with Alta Psychotherapy, based in New York. Currently, she is working on licensing in Florida, which will arrive by the end of this year. 

Chloe indulges in private practice, and her clientele entails pro athletes, college athletes, and weekend warriors. One of her main objectives is to help these individuals with any stressors related to sports and their personal lives that may affect their athleticism. She also helps trauma survivors build a positive connection between their mental health and bodies.

As a psychotherapist, she helps people deal with their athletic performance, athletic goal-setting and adhering, performance anxiety, imposter syndrome, and any injury-related traumas that they may be experiencing. Everyone that approaches her for help has their own unique story, and many of them are either entering or leaving the field of athleticism.

She helps athletes from lacrosse, tennis, track, running marathons, cross-fit, and Olympic lifting. All sports require the mind and body to be connected efficiently.

Some of the common problems that she is approached with are overtraining, performance issues, trouble getting back into a sport, making a comeback post-injury. 

At what point should one seek therapy?

Chloe believes that the initial point for seeking therapy is not limited and can be done at any time. Her approach as a therapist is to be a mirror and not a person. Her focus is on creating a space where everyone feels safe and comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings. Some people want a light conversation with someone, and one may not understand the aim of their therapy until they get there. Therapy does not involve any opinions but only life suggestions.

Another set of reasons why people may show up to therapy is because they detect trauma, negative performance or life stressors. Maternity problems after childbirth are a source of stress for females due to the competitive structure and difficult schedules. 

Many people are unaware of their issues, whereas the rest want a soundboard. Young people mostly visit when they feel a change in the environment and the reasons keep changing for every person.

Society is now more accepting of mental health and being more open to discussing it. There is no more requirement to keep it in the dark as it is alright to accept the human part of us, which is full of flaws. Our emotions play a great role in impacting our hormones and bodies. There is now greater awareness towards opening up, and due to Covid, many online services have sprung up, which have made it super easy to get help from anywhere, anytime. 

Find your balance which is equal to finding your perfect equation to whatever you need. Not the same for everyone.

Chloe’s Therapy Techniques

Some are aware of what they want during the sessions, and some are not. Chloe uses the perfect mix of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Somatic Therapy, and Psychoanalysis to help her patients. They greatly help identify the mindset, development, and mind-body connection. It is all about establishing a balance between the mental, physical and spiritual aspects. 

Furthermore, coaches are an integral part of any athlete’s journey, and their approach towards their students must be positive. They present the role of a mentor in the life of those under their leadership. Many coaches need coaching, too, in terms of their attitude towards the one they are guiding. They must properly nurture them to bring out the best in them. 

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