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You don’t know who I am unless you’ve run a marathon with me, so here’s the break down in 26.2 facts:

1. I was born and raised in the tiny town of Los Alamos, New Mexico (Yes, that’s one of the 50 states)

2. I cried during every mile I was made to run in P.E. from elementary school through High School (I just stopped showing up)

3. Lifeguarding in the Summer of 14′ was my favorite job I ever had

4. I’m a cat lover

5. Taylor Swift has been my idol since 3rd grade

6. I moved to Florida in the middle of High School (yeah weird age for your world to completely change)

7. My heart is split between the mountains and the beach (so I travel alot)

8. I have 3 wonderful cats that you can find on my instagram: Hotch, Keiko, and Lulu (but don’t worry I love dogs too)

9. I graduated with TWO Masters Degrees at the age of 22 (Business, Accounting, and Finance)

10. I qualified for the Boston Marathon in 2019 but unfortunately it was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19

11. Did I mention I love to travel? Goal is to run a half or full marathon in all 50 states! Right now I have done 7!

12. I love the USA!

You’re at the Half Marathon Mark, the Journey has only Begun


13. I enjoy long runs on the beach at 5am

14. Yes, I am natually this blonde

15. I thrive in chaos. No matter how crazy life can get, there is always something great in everyday, you just have to keep moving.

16. I prefer Sigs to Glocks

17. I kill about every plant I buy, but I keep trying!

18. I ALWAYS have gum on me, but I’ll tell you I’m out

19. I was found by a modeling company at Cocoa Beach in 2014

20. I’m not a fan of sweets, but I will run for carrot  cake

21. I’m always running late, not because I’m lazy, but because I like to challenge myself to see how much I can fit in one day

22. I will laugh at Everything, don’t take it personally

23. My organization skills are so great, even I can never find anything when I need it!

24. I dance like no one is watching in places that no one is dancing

25. French Fries are the key to my heart

26.2  When I was 17, I was hospitlaized due to anemia. I was in denial then, but I’ll admit now it was due to an eating disorder. I was called “fat” and I wanted to be “skinny and healthy.”  I remember doctors teling me that they have seen people die with low iron levels higher than mine.  It was all due to not eating meat & only eating fruit because food was “bad for me”.  WRONG. I just didn’t know the right way to eat nor exercise. I promised myself in the hospital I would never let this happen to anyone else and make sure mental and phsycial health is always taken care of!


Find Yourself

Now you know who this small town, crazy runner girl that you’re about to take advice from is!

From here on out, you have my word to bring you the best, most realistic, brutally honest advice you can get to make sure you’re able to healthy, free of medications, free of doubt in your soul, and freedom in your every day habits when your willpower is low.

I want to help you to see that there is more to life than what you see now. I want you to come alive when you do what you love and be healthy doing it! I want you to be able to get around any obstacle holding you back. I want you to feel good when you go to work and to feel successful when you work hard for what you want. Life is too short to be unhappy, do what makes your soul come alive.

You will always have a friend in me, to help you conquer the hard days and to applaud you on the good days. In the end all you need is a little support and freedom to


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