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Collagen 101: Why You Should Take Bubs Naturals Collagen with Sean Lake

Sean Lake I s a proud father, snowboarder, and business owner living in Encinitas California. He is the owner of Bubs naturals, with a powerful story behind it. 

His unusual path to success brought him on many adventures and success, such as being a sponsored snowboarder and working on Sean Whites team, but he doesn’t write off the mental and physical struggle it took him to get here with one that he shares with us when he moved to Salt Lake City with his Buddy Glen.

I was living in lake Tahoe and it was rock bottom. Like I was scraping the couch cushions for coins and I’ll never forget it because we would literally be at our buddy’s houses, pulling the cushions out to see if there were quarters. Um, that was the low and I borrowed money. I didn’t have a PO box, so my mom would send me a letter to, you know, Sean Lake general delivery, Tahoe city. I ended up getting the job and that was one of the many dishwashing jobs. And then, you know, you move past that phase, but that was a low.

But sometimes life takes another crazy turn, Glen had joined the Marines and unfortunately was one of the 4 Marines killed in Benghazi on September 11th, 2013. 

When Glen died this larger-than-life personality, this big, you know, person in the room who everyone loved. And I mean, literally he had hundreds of best friends. There was a really big movement to keep Glen’s memory at the table. How do you take this person that was so important to hundreds of people and keep his memory alive?

Sean created Bub’s natural, named after Glen’s nickname and his principles in life. Glen was known for continuous self-improvement and always helping others. Bubs natural, a collagen brand, is known for helping individuals, particularly athletes to become stronger. In addition, the company donates 10% of the profits to Charity in Glen’s name, of which they have donated over $125,000 to this day.

Bubs natural is the only brand that is one hundred percent NSF certified for sports. But what does collagen do?

  • Increases
    • Hair
    • Skin
    • Nails
    • Helps the connective tissues and your joints
    • Increases bone density 
    • Better joint cushioning

“Collagen protein is loaded with glycine. Glycine is an essential amino acid that among other things produces synovial fluid. So quite literally lubricates your joints. All the wear and tear and the Cushing and the aches. This alleviates that now you need glycine because your body stops producing college.

Back when you were in your twenties every year, you just get a little bit less college. And so by the time you turned 40, you turn 45, you turned 50, you have so much less collagen that we need to supplement with collagen in order to kick that production back into. So it’s not like you can be like, oh, I’ll just eat more kale and I’m going to get my college and it doesn’t work like that”

Of course, I ask Sean the Run down questions that will could be a key to improving your life

What is something that you have done continuously, that you have found has been able to help you run your life? 

I discovered meditation about four years ago. So I’m the guy who would run around with all the ideas scrambling for years and years and years.

And keeping me organized was like good luck. And that was emotionally, spiritually. That was, you know, there are pluses and minuses around. And when I discovered a type of meditation is called Zazen, it’s an active, focused meditation. It is not for everyone, but it’s a hundred percent works for me. It allows me to take a few moments, could be just a few minutes, could be up to 15, 20 minutes of focused time.

It’s a Japanese active meditation where you’re your visual, your, your, your eyes are open. You’re not trying to get into some floaty, Zen state, quite the opposite. You’re focusing literally on an object. In a very set-prone position while trying to just blank out all the thoughts in your head. So your thoughts are constantly popping in it’s the, it’s the act of meditation to push those thoughts aside, to get to that kind of zero stage.

And then when you come out of it, you let those thoughts gently come back in. But then you’re like, okay, I’m going to do this, this, this, this, this they’re going to get on the whiteboard and I’m going to organize them and get them done. And your kids run in the room and they’re screaming, but you don’t flip out.

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