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Dying of Laughter: How Comedy Helps Grief with Chelsea Lloyd

Chelsea Lloyd is a comedian and grief activist who incorporates humor into grief for her clients to cope with their pain. Her podcast is called ‘Dying for Laughter’ She spent 2020-2021 producing comedic and grief content for notable entertainment organizations such as Buzzfeed. Chelsea navigated her way around the mixing of humor and despair in elementary school as people would hesitate to ask her about her parents’ sickness. Being the eldest sibling, she used humor as a coping mechanism and used it as a front to express her feelings. Her father passed away when she was young, and her mother is still struggling with cancer. 

Even though sadness is an unavoidable part of life, losing a loved one is always an unexpected and challenging event, even when expected. It elicits a slew of complex emotions, and the truth far outweighs all you’ve heard about grief. There is no way to prepare for the loss of a loved one.

Most people come to grips with their loss over time and learn to deal in their unique ways. On the other hand, others deal with grief for lengthy periods without seeing any improvement, and as a result, their ability to go about their everyday lives is interrupted.

What is a grief counselor?

Grief therapy, also known as bereavement counseling, is intended to assist individuals in coping with the loss of a loved one. A grief counselor can assist you in developing coping methods and solutions for your loss and sadness. Grief therapy allows bereaved people to talk about their experiences and emotions and discover techniques to make the mourning process easier.

How comedy helps those struggling with grief

 The comedic element helps reduce the intensity of grief as it can be too heavy on one’s heart, mind, and soul. Attaching light-hearted humor can help those grieving handle their emotions and express them without feeling upset. According to Chelse, comedy helps those struggling with negative emotions to find a balance within themselves.

What are the two types of grief?

The grief starts even before the passing of a loved one, known as anticipatory grief. It begins during the sickness of a loved one and sets inside the friends and family members of those that are sick. The other type of grief is delayed grief, which takes time to settle in, and those who experience it cannot make sense of their feelings and trauma when they feel it. It takes time for them to register it, and once they do, they can only set on their healing journey.

How she “understands that she cannot make their life better but can help by making their day a little bit better

Chelsea understands the extent to which grief can impact a person. She has been on the healing journey and understands that it is a process and not an easy one. Chelsea understands that healing starts little by little and knows that she can help those struggling at the rate of one day at a time. 

The comparison and contrast between comedy and running that is discussed

Running and comedy are similar in that they are both used as coping mechanisms by those struggling with their mental health. They provide an outlet for those struggling with their physical or mental health to express themselves and feel better. Comedy can be used by some and run by those who are more towards physical fitness and running. 

You can listen to this, and much more on Chelse’s Podcast called Dying for Laughter. She is also active on her social media handles @Chelswhoelse.

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