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Finding Your Purpose Can Save Your Life With Kellan Fluckiger

Kellan Fluckiger is a 65-year-old life and business coach from Edmonton, Alberta. His main goal is to focus on helping people understand their sense of self, achieve their entrepreneurial goals and offer life-changing advice. Kellen writes books and creates music to help those under this mentorship find a purpose in life. He has successfully published 13 books and music albums to communicate his teachings.

The entire episode revolves around Kellen sharing his life experiences and how they shaped him into becoming the person he is now.

His objectives revolve around helping you find your passion, narrate your life story, and use it to generate monetary benefits. Whether it is business or relationship concerns, Kellen is here to assist you in every way possible. According to him, fruitful results in any aspect of life directly result from who you choose to be. Suppose you start to believe that you are honest, diligent, ethical, true to yourself; you self prophecy yourself into those qualities. Your personality then directly affects your entrepreneurial and client-dealing skills.

Kellen emphasizes stepping out of your comfort zone because that is the first step towards growth. His learning started in his mid-50s, a decade ago, which was a time when he did not live to his truth or passion, despite being able to make a lot of money. There were all forms of external success but no connection with himself.

Kellen believes that one should find a balance between their wants and needs. One can take a temporary summer job in high school while pursuing a side hustle of passion. 

“Clarity is overrated. It is not found, it is created.”

He recalls his own stories of drug abuse and the tough times that he endured in his own life. Kellen had a physically abusive childhood and believed money to be his way of a better life. He had trouble navigating a romantic relationship and was divorced three times. In 2007, during his early fifties, he chose to walk away from everything after a failed suicide attempt.

“And at that time I’d made a choice. I had to take control. I can no longer abdicate to the excuses, reasons and beliefs of the past, about myself.”

He decided to establish control over his life by clearly listening to the sounds of the universe. Upon receiving an invitation for change, Kellen decided to embrace it and gained clarity over what he wished to do in life. 

He went through an entire process of finding himself, but to do that, he shares how he had to lose himself first. It is an inspiring narrative and makes one understand the depths of self-understanding.

He shares some amazing wellness tips and tricks through the conversation. The years of experience make him the perfect coach on life and advice for the youth and those aspiring to find success in their ventures. 

His books and albums talk about his encounters with relationships, life, money, failures, successes and whatnot. The tightrope of Depression is one of his books about the 40 years he spent miserably.

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