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Gen-Z Powerlifters: How the New Generation is Taking on Health with Isaac Bermudez

Issac runs his own fitness business called Coastal Strength and Barbell, which offers effective powerlifting, weightlifting, and more programming. He provides one on one services and Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting services as well. 

His story to why he powerlifts 

When he was 18, he got into weightlifting first and then started boxing. He saw others around him lifting 400+ pounds which made him realize that he wanted to do the same. Isaac did super total training and also competed where he performed five lifts. He was attracted to powerlifting and chose to pursue it. 

How necessary is fitness in kids (gen-z)

Isaac works with kids starting from 14, leading on to adults. He works with many athletes who have mature mindsets due to the high expectations their families have for them. Nowadays, some kids are obsessed with becoming fit or just looking good.

I hope that they do it and see themselves in a certain light and not worry about how many likes they are getting on Instagram.

However, some are not interested in being physically fit as they spend most of their time on their phones or streaming services. There is a significant decline in the number of gen-z kids that participate in PE in school or take their physical wellness into account. Many of them have become lazy or unmotivated to be physically fit. It is alarming how fitness for kids is more necessary now due to the increasing amount of time they are spending on other activities. 

Isaac has noted that the kids he is working with a focus on the athletic experience of working out. In contrast, the older generation is more concerned with looking good. He has noted that the confidence of many children is low as they are worried about being judged or made fun of publicly. Isaac talks about how anyone can record anyone performing poorly and joke about them. It is scary for some of them to feel confident when they hit the gym with the new generation. The kids he deals with have an objective to achieve, which helps them stay on track. These goals help the kids stay focused and gain more confidence over time. Gen-Z also loves flaunting their progress on social media, which makes others around them want to start powerlifting as well. 

What is powerlifting vs. the other types of bodybuilding and weightlifting

Lifting the most weight for a 1RM on the squat, deadlift, and bench press is the focus of powerlifting. Lifting hefty weights for 1–5 repetitions is the main focus of powerlifting training. 

Bodybuilding is a sport that maximizes muscle size and growth while lowering body fat levels on competition day. Higher repetitions with medium-to-heavy weights and isolated motions are used in bodybuilding training.

Weightlifting involves a clean, a jerk, and a snatch, similar to what is performed in the Olympics. 

How can kids monitor how much they eat to ensure it is enough?

Kids can monitor their diets by keeping track of the macronutrients they consume. Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins constitute a balanced diet, and according to Issac, nowadays, kids lack calories in general. A calorie count can help them check, but carbohydrates have to be consumed daily for energy. To build muscle mass, kids need to drink more protein. So overall, they can incorporate healthy foods into their lunches and keep a calorie count to ensure that the nutrition being received is sufficient. 

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