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How do I start running?

  • To me in this circumstance, it is not how you start running, but how you make running easy to maintain. Let me say this, anyone can go outside and go for a run. 
  • But will you do it again the next day?
  • Will you keep going the day after that?
  • How can you make this a solid habit?

Here on my thoughts that make running enjoyable and reinforcing to keep doing it

ONE: Finding the right shoes that make you want to fly

  • If you haven’t had this feeling, you haven’t found the right pair. It’s not about the padding, a shoe is about the fit and if you are running in it for a long period of time you want it to fit well!

TWO: Doing at the time of day you HAVE energy

  • So many people are not morning people and try to run in the morning easily associating hating mornings with hating to run
  • Do it in the afternoon if you have the most energy then. That adrenaline rush it’s going to give you is going to put you in a great mood!!

THREE: Don’t go too far when you start running 

  • When you establish the love for running you can start pushing the limits
  • But until you learned what you love about it, going too far might be the reason you never want to run again
  • Stop when you’re feeling good when you first start running. Not when you’re sore and tired.

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