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How Habits of Minimalism Benefit Your Mental Health with Stephanie Seferian

Stephanie Seferan is the host of the Sustainable Minimalist podcast and chose the minimalist lifestyle seven years ago. Stephanie’s podcast is one of the top 25 podcasts on Apple Leisure. She is also the author of ‘Sustainable Minimalist’ and lives right outside Boston. Her passion is advocating for minimalism in order to reduce stress and improve one’s quality of life.  

What is minimalism?

Eco minimalism can be whatever you want it to be. It is the intentional choice to live with less stuff. It is about caring about quality over quantity. When she started her journey, she had severe anxiety after becoming a new mother, and the things of her child kept her overwhelmed. She spent all of her time organizing, and the clutter made her feel anxious. She tapped into the eco-friendly side of minimalism as compared to conventional minimalism. It is all about buying less and consuming less to maintain a sustainable environment. 

Help the audience highlight how they should know if they want to become a minimalist

Many of us feel extreme stress and anxiety when we encounter visual clutter. One must ask themselves if the large amounts of possession items give them anxiety. If it doesn’t, then minimalism is not for them. And if someone wants to start then, they should start with smaller spaces such as a linen closet by removing any extra sheets or clothes. 

How can minimalism help mental health by decluttering?

It brings happiness and joy as it helps everyone in reducing their anxiety. Stephanie informs about how the household chores fell on her shoulders, and cleaning took up a lot of her precious time that she could have spent with her family. However, adopting a minimalist lifestyle has helped her in freeing up more time for family and vacations.

Minimalism has resulted in more free time, more money, and less stress in life for me. It allows me to have more time with my loved ones.

What impact does she want to leave with her kids?

Her motivation is to be a source of inspiration for her children. As a parent, one must remember to engage in retroactively decluttering. It means being super selective regarding what enters the house and does not. She wants to let her kids play with meaningful toys and own items which provide them with learning experiences. If the children have any mindless games or toys, parents should start there because it is her approach towards organizing her home. She wants to teach her kids not to be wasteful and lead lives that do not harm the environment.

How running impacts her mental health 

Besides being a minimalist, running is Stephanie’s way of staying physically and mentally fit. She gains her clarity through running as the natural environment provides her with the peace and tranquility that no other activity does. It has significantly positively impacted her mental health by stimulating her body, brain, and intuition. Becoming a minimalist seven years ago is one lifestyle choice that helped her elevate her way of life and running regularly in another. 

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