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It takes Gut’s for Good Mental Health

In this episode, our guest Melissa Bloom will be discussing the importance of gut health and its effect on the mental and physical health of humans. 


Melissa Bloom is a certified brain coach. A brain coach helps people repattern their brain and cognitive function. As humans, it is natural for us to get trapped in the web of our thoughts. We tend to get stuck in a negative loop of thoughts. We need to learn how to get the brain to move in a different direction by being aware of a different mindset and pattern. We need to feel balanced to rebalance our physiology. This balance makes you understand a different mindset pattern and implement it in life. Melissa got more into understanding this deeply when her son was struggling with mental health problems. It led her to explore mental and physical health in more detail.

Her mandate for Mental Health

Melissa mandates that we focus on our bodies and take good care of them. She believes that an individual’s mental health is also affected by their physical condition. The chemical reactions in our body play a significant role in how we act, think and feel, which is why humans must establish a mind-body balance and work on maintaining it. She supports the ingestion of plant-based supplements to maintain a healthy gut in the human body.

The microorganisms lining our gut play a significant role in the proper functioning of our digestive system as they affect the absorption of nutrients in our body. Dr. Bloom believes in a holistic plant-based supplemental diet for rebuilding the microbial system. According to Melissa, physical and mental health works hand in hand. One cannot get better without the other, so she believes gut health needs to be rebuilt. With good gut health, one’s bodily digestive system performs well and reduces inflammation throughout the body. 

Melissa works with the gut microbe as it is the ‘master conductor’ of the body. If we balance our gut and help it thrive, well-balanced gut health can easily solve our neurotransmission, hormones, and immune systems. Our hormones play a significant role in the emotional regulation of the body, which is why the gut and the brain work to control our emotions.

How Western Practice need to change

Western practitioners focus on the visible symptoms of the patients and treat them. However, the symptoms are always the result of a deeply-rooted problem, which should be more focused on during treatment. Medical professionals should observe the body to identify the main issue underlying these symptoms. The microbes in our guts display the microorganisms living in our gut and contain great information about the body.

Sleep and the Brain

Melissa compares sleep to a ‘carwash for the brain’ as it helps remove the toxins from our mind and body. Sleep successfully reduces inflammation in the brain and helps it in feeling fresh. 7-9 hours of good quality sleep is sufficient for the brain to feel rejuvenated and fresh as a daisy. A healthy sleeping pattern is key to the better and peaceful functioning of the mind and body.

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