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Inside Tips to a Thriving Relationship With Kemar and DeAnne

Love is a tricky thing. And that’s because real-life situations are often far more complicated than what we’re led to believe by every other cheesy rom-com on Netflix (god, I wish they would stop making those). In reality, loving someone is not easy and requires a multitude of sacrifices by both people to make it work. Now, we could go on about our perspective of love, but we think it’s better if you hear the experts talk about it instead of us.

Introducing the Run, Thrive, Survive Podcast by Sierra Carter. This podcast helps you figure out how to get control of your life. Sierra invites various guests to talk about different aspects of life and succeed at them. 

Sierra’s primary goal is to help people realize how to improve their mental and physical health and help them take back authority in their lives. She does this by telling her thoughts on the matter and inviting a guest that is exceptionally well-versed about the subject at hand. 

Of course, the episode we are talking about is about love and relationships. But, as aforementioned, loving and maintaining relationships is hard, especially in the 21st century, where people seem to run away from commitment of any kind. So, how do we maintain relationships in today’s world, and what are some tips for going about it healthily?

To help us better understand the whole scenario of relationships, Sierra brings in a couple that’s been together for 11 years and married for 7. The couple they bring in Kamar and Danny. Kamar and Danny host the It’s Relational podcast. This podcast is focused on all the nuances of being in a relationship and how to ensure that you are doing everything in your power to maintain a stable and healthy relationship with your significant other. 

Kamar and Danny go over a bunch of stuff; how they met, how they knew when the time was right and a bunch of other stuff that is too much to fit in this article. But, to give you the gist of it, the main tips that the couple provided were:

  • Keep the adversity at home

Primarily, they talked about how if you have an issue, that issue is yours and yours alone to solve. Involving outside opinions will only lead to chaos. 

  • Solve issues as they come

After you have identified an issue, solve it there and then. An open chain of communication is essential in any functioning, stable relationship. 

  • Create a balance of emotions 

By this, they mean that you have to act as each other anchors in reality. If either one or both of you tends to drift off to a certain mood or place over an extended period, it is the job of the other to help keep you grounded. 

This is but the beginning. You can find all those mentioned above explained in detail, as well as more fantastic relationship advice on this episode of the Run Thrive Strive Podcast and on every episode of It’s Relational, both of which you can stream on Spotify. 

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