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Oh poop! what does it tell us about our gut?

Dr. Tenesha is the founder and director of Infinity Wellness Medical Center. Her main goal is to help people achieve their wellness goals and become the best versions of themselves.

Microbes and Gut Health

The gut microbiome refers to the microbes present in the lining of our intestines. Dr. Tenesha believes that a person’s physical and mental health is connected and that the microbes in our stomachs play a significant part in our lives. She mandates fermented vegetables to maintain a healthy gut lining as our brain chemicals are formed there. Fermented foods, prebiotics that feed probiotics, keep the gut microbiome in balance, and make hormones such as serotonin, dopamine, etc.

Our mental health is affected by our diets on a much higher level than anticipated. Dr. Tenesha helps her patients discover the root cause of chronic fatigue and other symptoms that they may be experiencing. Whole-body health matters for her, leading to a more holistic approach. The possible problem that causes multiple issues is addressed in this approach. Dr. Tenesha helps her patients in resetting their bodies by using gut health.

Covid and Gut Health

Ever since Covid began, suicide and anxiety have skyrocketed worldwide, which is why she emphasizes the importance of practicing functional medicine. It’s about peeling the tissue layer by layer and determining the root cause of the problems at hand. We need to help people with a holistic approach, not just their symptoms.

Her treatment procedure involves a data-driven approach with multiple tests. For the gut repair, a stool sample is collected. The bacteria and microbes present in the sample are studied then the root cause is determined by studying the microbes found in the stool. The gut is rebuilt with nutrients and a well-balanced diet by removing inflammatory foods, gluten, nuts, butter, etc. It involves giving the gut a break by consuming valuable items such as Aloe Vera juice and L-Glutamine.

“You’re as healthy as your bowel movements.”

The Bristol Stool Chart, also known as the Poop Chart, is used to study bowel movements and explain the nutrient absorption in the body using the size, shape, and texture of the stool. There is a range of stool types from 1-7, with 3-4 being the optimum. It would be best to get nutrient absorption from your diet to achieve the optimum bowel movement. If you cannot regulate your diet, then there is a chance of developing bacterial infection in the gut.

Gut Repair Diet is essential to regulate nutrient intake and bowel movement. It can take five to six days with low inflammatory diets to reset gut health. Besides this, sleep is also very important for the body as the brain and gut are connected. These activities can ensure that you maintain the wellness of your gut health which can further lead to overall improved mental health of a person.

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