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One Small Change that will Increase Your Freedom in Life with Vincent Pugliese

Are you struggling to find your way in the entrepreneurial space? Well, in this episode of Run, Thrive, Survive with Ciara Carter, you will learn about Vincent P’s entrepreneurial and coaching journey.

 He dives into detail about the freedom he gained while working on his main hustle, side hustle, and indulges in the act of giving.

Vincents journey from his photography business to his current business

Vincent P has his podcast called total life freedom. He starts by sharing how he always had a creative and intelligent side but could never fit in properly. By the end of high school, he didn’t have a proper career path and went through a dark period of getting into trouble and being arrested. Vincent felt lost concerning his life goals, and when he was 20, his dad suggested that he be a sports photographer as Vincent shared a passion for both of them. 

Well, I started buying tickets to games, bought a camera, and would go to the front and ask the photographer’s question.

Later on, he also secured an internship with the National Hockey League and started as a sports journalist. Vincent also went to community college but changed his program five times before finally landing on photography. At 26, he returned to college and also did freelancing on the side. Over time Vincent also won the William Randolph Hearst Championship and became the top photographer in the country. Once he graduated, Vincent got a job where he felt very trapped. The extent of his financial responsibilities upon him increased once he got married and started family planning. This added pressure gets too much for him when his father straight up tells him to ‘Stop settling.’ This efficient yet straightforward advice resonates with him, and Vincent starts his own wedding photography business, which he ended up running with his partner for nine years. 

The photography venture led to Vincent achieving all sorts of freedom, especially financial freedom. It became about living a life of complete independence for him at one point. Once Vincent had committed his life to freedom and was in the optimum mental health state, he decided to coach others about improving their businesses.

How Vincent spends an hour daily reaching out to people

Vincent coaches several people throughout life, and he has made it his goal to reach out to check on them frequently. He does this very randomly, and his students appreciate it. According to Vincent, “It is my favorite habit. I would randomly reach out to people and ask them how they are doing. And they’d respond to me telling me how touched they feel by the gesture’’

Vincent explains two types of goals in his episode. Charitable goals are those you use to help others, and selfish goals are those you use to help yourself. Over time, Vincent has begun to focus on charitable goals instead of selfish goals. 

Your generous goals have to go on top of your selfish goals because learning to give will not just help them grow but help you grow too.

“How are you helping?” is the real question, according to Vincent, and the one that holds significant meaning. According to him, financial success and life freedom come by doing honest and generous work because “If you help others, it helps you in return as well.”

What he says about other people in the entrepreneurial space

Concerning people in the entrepreneurial space, Vincent believes that one must focus on building relationships and maintaining high quality. He is a firm believer in ‘Helpers High’ and achieves it every time his students achieve success in any form. When one is too absorbed in themselves, they become trapped in a cycle of self-loathing and ruining their mental health. 

Vincent has a podcast called Total Life Freedom and a new upcoming podcast called Wealth of Connection. The website is also called Total Life Freedom and you can visit it for more information. 

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