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About Run Thrive Survive

Welcome to the Run Thrive Survive podcast, where we dive inside a runners mind!
This podcast is focused on helping perform better in your training and in your life by opening up the conversation about anxiety, depression, ADHD,  stress-management, sports psychology, and those EVERYDAY LIFE STRESSORS to become stronger on our runs and in our minds!
It’s like having a personal coach for your mind with you on your runs!
I love talking to all runners and endurance athletes who share their stories of overcoming mental barriars or who have found secrets to their training!
We believe your mental health is important and so is your physical health…. fitness is therapy!
Let’s Run Our Lives Together!

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What listeners are saying

I work full-time and enjoy a cardio workout at the gym every day. Unfortunately, my schedule does not offer the opportunity to add weights. Knowing the importance of building muscle, I reached out to Ciara and asked if she would develop a workout routine I could do at home. She has been my personal trainer for 10 months and comes to my house bi-monthly. Ciara develops detailed workout plans that are easy to follow using my own weights and exercise bands. She brings her Withings Digital Scale that syncs with the Health Mate app on my phone. There are several areas monitored including water, BMI, building muscle, and weight control. Ciara always finds something encouraging to say and my spirits are lifted after every session. Her motivation is very positive and helps me stay on track. I have listened to several of her Podcasts which are also very motivational. Ciara inspires me to reach my health goals – I am happy to have her in my life!