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Healthier in 5 Minutes

3 Ways To Adapt to Heat

You may have already heard of these three ways and just need a reminder, but adapting to the heat can be worse than adapting to the cold! When you’re cold you can layer up, if you’re hot you can’t really escape it. Just like us ... Read more
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3 Things you May not be doing for sleep:

There are so many things you can read about that will help you fall asleep faster or easier at night. Most of them are supplements you can take or involve reducing the blue light that you are exposed to.  Breathing techniques A wise yoga teacher ... Read more
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The #1 Data Point to Focus on

The #1 Data Point to Focus on Is exactly what you are trying to measure! We get so tied up in the calorie count or the step count or the minutes we moved or the times we stood and it can be so overwhelming! If ... Read more
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I am deeply convinced that physical and mental health are linked and in her podcasts, Ciara covers every aspects of this connection. There is always something to learn in her podcasts. I love listening to her also because her energy is contagious and you can hear her smile, which is so great to start your day!


Great health-focused podcast for runners. I like how the podcast discusses the holistic experience of being a runner, from eating around your training to where to stay at races!


The podcast title says it all!

Ciara is exciting and energetic which motivates me to do more as soon as I listen to an episode. She is just getting started - I can’t wait to see what the future holds.