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The #1 Data Point to Focus on

The #1 Data Point to Focus on Is exactly what you are trying to measure! We get so tied up in the calorie count or the step count or the minutes we moved or the times we stood and it can be so overwhelming! If you are not accelerating in one you are decreasing in another then vice versa as you try to fix another one.

So what I tell all my clients is really focus on what the actual goal is and then we can figure out the one or two things to measure.

Let’s use weight loss as an example. 

If you are to focus on weight loss, your measurement would most likely be lbs on a scale. I would call that measurement a frequent long-term measurement (every week or once a month that is), because you should not be watching your weight every day as it fluctuates. 

Now we need a short-term measurement that is going to really direct us to our weight loss goal that is going to be taken at the end of every day or every few days to be a more direct reinforcer.

In this instance let’s say your number one focus is to move more towards your weight loss, so we are going to focus on your step count and give you the goal to increase it over 10,000 steps.

This is what you are going to measure DAILY. 

The key is to find the most important data point to monitor, you are most likely going to choose one that you take 1-4 times a month or that’s an ultimate goal, and then find a smaller one that you can measure daily. 

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