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The Power Behind Overcoming Addiction with Brett Morris

Brett Morris is a podcaster, and he talked about his addiction and life story on another podcast, how he has struggled and found his way out of it. He doesn’t beat around the bush and bluntly tells what drug addictions are like, so if you know anyone who might be struggling the same way, feel free to share this story with them.

Brett always felt left out and didn’t belong here; his answer to those feelings were drugs and alcohol. These things completely took over and ruined his life. Brett did some jail time and realised he wanted a better life.

He is now seven years clean and started a podcast at the start of 2020, which talks about guests that have overcome addictions and mental health issues. Brett wants to spread the message that recovery is possible.

It’s an amazing podcast with many heartbreaking and motivational stories.

Brett talks about how he started using when he was 15-16 and never felt like a part of society and found happiness in drug and alcohol abuse. He got expelled from college and worked as a pizza delivery boy to pay his rent and got high from time to time. He even started having hallucinations and suffered from paranoia because of his addiction. He did meth for a few years and decided to stop, after which he called his sister and confessed everything as he wanted to quit. 

It took him two years to accept that something was wrong with him, and he wanted 100% abstinence from his addictions because that’s what only worked.

The 12-step programme is a set of guidelines that provides individual action steps to persons suffering from alcohol misuse and addiction. Brett talks about his own experience at first when he went to those meetings and how they altered his idea of an addict being a useless person. He did not lose hope and realised that he was a functioning human worthy of a better life. Brett realised he wanted to be happy like the others at the 12 step meeting and discover joy in the little things in life.

A big part of his recovery was the connections he made at the 12 step meeting, and the encouragement helped him know he was always welcome. The sense of having a community of people that had similar struggles like Brett made him feel whole.

Today Brett is celebrating seven years clean, married and has a seven-month-old daughter.

Brett never thought he would make it this far, he didn’t have any plans for the future, but now he is living happily with his wife and daughter in his thirties.

Brett feared his life would be boring if he got clean, but today it’s not perfect, but it’s exciting and beautiful. It is everything that he had ever dreamed of, if not better. The story of this inspiring young man is a great example of how, despite going down a self-destructive path, with hard work and great determination, you can come out of the dark in your life. Things can get better again, but only if you try again.

Then Brett talks about how he runs his life now, which is pretty busy. He works a lot on his podcast and practices spirituality. His story has inspired us greatly, and we hope it can help anyone else encountering the same struggles. 

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