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THRIVING: Finding Power in Silent Retreats and Meditation With Ken Kladouris

Communication has always been an integral aspect of human progress and has never been more critical than today. One of the most essential communication mediums in the 21st Century is memes. And one of our favorite memes is a relatively simple one. It consists of a picture of a sandwich. Above and below the sandwich is the text, the primary source of humor, which states the immortal: “life is like a sandwich. No matter which way you flip it, the bread comes first.”

For those who failed to follow, this meme embodies the grind and hustle mentality that has slowly but surely gained popularity among people, particularly the youth. It says that no matter how you look at life, money is the most crucial thing.

However, while this approach to life leads to success, one can often get lost in the pursuit of success. You spend so much time working hard that you get tunnel vision and forget why you’re doing what you’re doing in the first place. 

That is the exact phenomenon discussed in the Ken Silent retreats Podcast. Our host describes how he was caught up in everyday life issues, worried about work, relationships, deadlines, the future, and other essential things, as almost everyone is. 

However, as he was on vacation, he lay down one day and suddenly realized that being on vacation completely shut out all the stress, the worry, the negativity, and the noises in his head. He describes in great detail the euphoric feeling of being able to forget all of your problems, or at the very least be able to accept them and relax for an extended period.  

He then says that he had an epiphany. He realized he had spent so much time working on getting what he desired that without realizing it, his life over the past five years had fallen into a monotonous halt, and he wasn’t going anywhere fast.

The host describes how he realized that whatever that feeling was, of shutting out the noise, he had to find a way to achieve it without going on vacation 365 days a year, as that is not plausible. So, he looked towards meditation. 

The host describes meditation as a strenuous and long journey, but with fruits worthy of your labor waiting on the other side of your hard work. He describes how his first encounter with meditation went terrible, but he managed to keep going and has gotten much better at it after constant practice. 

The host describes how meditation has helped him turn his life around and get back in control. And the benefits of meditation are not restricted to the macro. As he describes, he no longer needs a vacation or even regular meditation to be at peace. Instead, he has found the natural balance of things through meditation and lives in a constant state of Zen (by the way, Ken in Zen is a pretty catchy phrase). Then, he delves into deeper detail about his meditation journey and experiences, all of which make for an enticing listen. 

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