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What ACTUALLY Goes into Training for a Marathon with Rachel Korosec

In this episode of Run, Thrive and Survive, Ciara will be engaging in a meaningful conversation about training for the Boston Marathon with Rachel Korosec. The discussion will be navigating around running training and its positive implications on the life and mental health of Rachel.

What was her journey in the running?

Rachel Korosec is a marathon runner from Canada. Her willpower and dedication helped her to train for the Boston Marathon. Most importantly, she took care of her mental health compared to her physical health. Tremendous grit and determination go into a marathon, and Rachels discusses that in detail in this episode with Ciara Carter. Going back to her beginnings in running, throughout high school, she was an avid runner and participated in long-distance running. Later on, she participated in half marathons and full marathons during her late twenties. 

How did she qualify for Boston

Rachel did not train for the marathon despite crafting a well-planned running and training schedule. The full marathon training schedule consisted of three days running and three days cross-training with one day rest. However, Rachel did not follow it and instead did three long runs, two 24k and one 28k, then went into the marathon blind. Her secret to running the Boston Marathon is the three C’s.  

  1. Cross-training that involves spin class and yoga.
  2. Carbs for gaining the energy to run.
  3. Chiropractor visits with back adjustments and massages to help in recovery. 

What are her pointers on the mental side of running?

Boston was all Rachel thought about day and night in the weeks leading up to the marathon. Her mental goal was to achieve this, and according to her, “This was my Superbowl.” She kept music by her side, and for a watch, she printed off her split times and taped them around her wrist. So yeah, she was mentally euphoric and excited for the marathon. Rachel also shared that she did not drink any water during the run until she reached her 10k mark as she prefers keeping her water and energy bar intake low during her runs. 

What was her story for the Boston Marathon?

Rachel ran and ran and ran without looking back in the marathon. She gave it to her all but ended up injuring herself due to extreme muscle strain. Rachel could not walk the next day since her body was not trained for the marathon and visited a physiotherapist the next day due to severe pain in her leg muscles. The Boston Marathon is the ‘Mecca of Marathons’, and even though the race was 5 minutes harder this time, she made it by three minutes. Rachel was devastated in 2020 when the authorities canceled the marathon, and she did not participate virtually. For 2021, the Boston Marathon reduced the event by 10,000 runners, and Rachel was cut-off from that. She has missed the qualification process for 2022 but will be going back next year to participate in the marathon with extreme grit and determination. 

How does she use running to impact her life?

Running has been good for Rachel’s mental health because training has always positively impacted Rachel mentally and physically. It gives her time to think and navigate her way around her own life. Crossing the finish line provides a feeling of satisfaction to runners like Rachel because it makes them realize how much they have achieved in their lives. Rachel discusses how running helps her improve her mental health and her family members to help with their struggles. Rachel uses running to improve her relationships, gain clarity, and pat herself on the back for her achievements. This entertaining and honest episode will surely motivate you to run as well and push you to train for any upcoming events that you may need training for.

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