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What Do Content Creators Do for their Sanity? with Ana Xavier

In this episode, Ana Xavier is a content creator who helps entrepreneurs identify their professional goals and set up their podcasts.

Her journey as a creator & gardening for her exercise

Ana Xavier is from Portugal, and she has a background in digital marketing. She is also the founder of the podcast space and helps people learn and grow concerning their life goals. Ana lived in London before moving to Dallas for work and began working in live stream production. After working in the field for ten years, Ana realized that she wanted to do her own thing and tap into the entrepreneurial space. Her passion for educating others in building their own podcast space led her to work with multiple other podcasters and help them achieve their podcasting goals. She aimed to help others generate meaningful and captivating content for their podcasts. 

…And then I was like, oh I could cry, I could go and work for someone else that has a remote position. Or I can take this opportunity and launch something of my own.

And that is what she did. She took a step forward to achieving her goals and launched her own podcasting space. 

Ana is an avid gardener and finds it super calming and helpful in her physical wellness. She also recommends it to everybody else due to the calming effects of the activity. 

Creators and mental health, struggling with perfectionism

Ana also dives into the pressure that comes with being a content creator. There is too much pressure on content creators to be perfect, and she shares her struggles with perfectionism. When you are putting something out there for everyone to see, it is natural to be concerned about how others perceive it. There is also the internal drive in content creators to be perfectionists due to intense scrutiny from the viewers. Ana talks about how she formerly used to be a perfectionist but then stopped.

Would I feel worse if I put something out there that is imperfect? Or would I feel worse about the missed opportunity that I would have to connect with others by doing something imperfect and putting it out there?

For Ana, content creation is about so much more than achieving the mark of perfection. It is about building meaningful relationships and getting a message across to others.

What her biggest struggle was (firing someone) and learning to delegate.

Ana opens up with her struggle of firing a client as she was not used to doing so. It was difficult for her at first, but eventually, with the support of her husband, she learned how to delegate the process of human resource management. Ana shares her delegation process and explains how monthly meetings with deliverables help keep the employees on track. Ana talks about how, being a woman, she uses her emotional strength as an advantage to handle situations like these instead of being cold and harsh. Female entrepreneurs face judgment for having higher emotional intelligence than their male colleagues. Still, Ana believes that it is an advantage and helps more delegating.

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