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What Does Traveling do for Your Mental Health with Sonia Cruz

What is a travel coach?

Certified travel coaches work with travelers to discover their reasons for traveling and how to achieve personal goals through their trips. Following the establishment of these motivations, travel coaches work with clients to study destinations and activities that will help them achieve their objectives. A life coach that uses travel as a catalyst for transformation in terms of mental health.

What does she help with?

Sonia Cruz is a certified travel coach and organizational psychologist who runs her own travel company called Travel Awakens. The company she runs provides its audience with travel and personal development services as it is a mix of life coaching and travel planning. According to her, the entire process is all about discovering yourself and going somewhere you love as it is bound to change your life. Traveling helps one gain a fresh perspective on life and gain exposure with regard to culture, values, and norms. There is a lot left out there to explore in the world and traveling helps in expanding one’s horizons in every way.

Sonia greatly emphasizes traveling with the intention of improving one’s mental health. 

She helps her clients to prepare for the trip and then she helps them implement the lessons they learn in their journey to their daily lives. Travel coaches use their power of travel to help their clients grow and transform emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The difference between a travel coach and a travel agent is that agents are there to help you with your trip but coaches are present to help your transformation.

The sessions which Sonia conducts with her clients are done remotely through Zoom. She helps them work through intentions, visions, and in figuring out what they want and why they want it. Her services include working on any obstacles the client may be facing and creating a future plan of action for the clients as they prepare to leave their comfort zones. Sonia helps her clients choose their destination if it is required otherwise most clients already have a place decided in mind. She recommends recording all of your experiences and feelings in a diary as the journal helps you keep track of your activities and mental health. The trips can be 2-3 days or 2-3 weeks or even a year off as it varies from person to person how much of a break they require. 

What was her experience?

Sonia has a professional background in the corporate sector where she worked for 20 years. She was climbing the corporate ladder until she wanted to move forward in her life but she wanted to change the ladder. Finally, Sonia decided to spend a year traveling, and in 2019, she joined a travel club and took 15 trips to 11 countries in 12 months. This led to her facing a drastic mindset shift as she discovered the power of transformation through travel. Sonia had never felt more alive, joyous, and free. This venture did not only bring her happiness but also led her to discover the love of her life. Once she had discovered her passion, it helped her mental health to a great extent. According to Sonia, her favorite place was Dubai as it shattered a lot of expectations she had from the place. Travelling helped her build connections worldwide and also transformed the lens with which she saw the world. Overall, the activity brought her great joy and led her to make it a full-time career for herself. For more details on her services, visit

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