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What is the Cholesterol Myth?

Stefan Hartman mandates the consumption of real food for better mental health. According to him, it is an animal-based diet and sunlight as a source of organic Vitamin D. He believes there is unnecessary exaggeration on the benefits of veganism and plant-based diets.

The Cholesterol Hypothesis

Cholesterol Hypothesis started during WW2; Canada had rapeseed oil and was used as a machine lubricant. Once the war was over and they couldn’t use it like that anymore, it was rebranded as canola oil and sold to the Americans. Then-President Dwight D. Eisenhower had a heart attack. It became a sensation, and everyone claimed that saturated fat is the reason for heart attacks. 

Seventh-Day Adventists, a  religious group promoting low meat diets for controlling impure thoughts, supported this hypothesis. The whole low meat concept is widely supported and promoted, claiming that red meat leads to heart attack, obesity, cancer, and various other diseases. 

Stefan Hartman claims that only LDL panels are observed when a person experiences a heart attack, with other factors being ignored. 

He believes that the cause behind all these heart attacks is the toxins in the environment such as heavy metals, phosphates, chemical exposure. Inflammatory and processed food diets are also a major reason for rising cardiac troubles. Besides these, everyone leads a very stressful lifestyle nowadays. Many working people don’t see sunlight for 40 hours a week as they work and get diagnosed with high blood pressure. 

Busting Myths

Contrary to popular belief, Low sodium decreases blood pressure by a negligible amount, and a Low salt diet can prove harmful to the human body. The high inflammation can lead to arterial blockage by excessive cholesterol deposits. 

More animal-based diets deposit less visceral fat on the organs than plant-based diets. Vegans are more likely to get autoimmune diseases and infections due to this. Veganism makes a person feel good for less time before the Iron, B-12, and Mineral deficiencies are set in. These erupt due to a lack of a balanced diet containing nutrients.

Why can’t vegans absorb iron from lettuce? 

Stefan also explains the difference between organic (heme) and inorganic iron. Heme iron comes from red meat, whereas inorganic iron is available in plants. Inorganic iron can cause problems for you, leading to troubles in oxalate deposition. 

Women are exposed to more toxins than men, creating an overall disruptive burden. They are more likely to use excessive products than men on their skin in the form of makeup or skincare. Everything you put in your skin gets absorbed into your bloodstream; hence, the toxins from the products enter the immune system of the female body. 

Another important point to note is that the existing plants are not completely clean as they are sprayed with pesticides or are genetically mutated. It is not the same as old times when plants used to be grown organically without chemicals.

Stefan recommends integrating physical exercise and a balanced diet to ensure good physical and mental health. You can find him on

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